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Premium amenities, flexible locations and dynamic spaces crucial to workers in 2021

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Businesses need to enhance their employee benefits in 2021, according to a new Post-Pandemic Workplace report released by Nespresso Professional and the WORKTECH Academy.

According to the report, over three-quarters (78 per cent) of UK employees said they were more likely to be attracted to a company based on the quality of its remote working package, underlining the importance of the work-from-home experience.

Though almost half (49 per cent) of UK businesses expect their employees to spend more time working from home post Covid-19, there is still an important role for the office in working life. More than a third (35 per cent) of UK employees want to return to the office if conditions – such as the purpose the office will be used for and its proximity to employees’ homes – are right, and 46 per cent of people who usually work from co-working spaces want to go back when possible.  

With both remote and office working here to stay, the research shows that companies need to meet new expectations of a divided post-Covid-19 workforce – and flexibility will be key. According to the report, which builds on a 2019 Nespresso Professional study, Workplace Futures: The future of the workplace in 2030, businesses would benefit from offering employees the opportunity to work from home some of the time, as well as the choice to come into the office or a third space to work, connect and socialise on a regular basis.

Employee expectations are changing 

Workplace experts highlighted the need to optimise the employee experience with more amenities including quality food and drink, as well as health and wellness initiatives, to meet shifting expectations. The research shows that 53 per cent of employees expect employers to pay for new technology, and 80 per cent are interested in premium coffee solutions as part of a remote working package.  

Guillaume Chesneau, Managing Director Nespresso UK & ROI said: “Our report clearly demonstrates that although many employees have adapted to remote working and expect this to continue in the future, the office and culture remains an important part of a work lifestyle.  There is no ‘one size’ fits all solution for work practices and future office spaces and businesses must adopt a hybrid working strategy to offer the flexibility UK employees are looking for. As the future of our working environment changes dramatically, businesses must not forget to focus on providing quality employee experiences – whether teams are working remotely, in the office, from a co-working space, or all three.”

Optimising the employee experience is key 

According to an expert interviewed for the report, Linzi Cassels, Principle and Design Director at architecture firm, Perkins + Will: “Organisations will have to offer more than just working from home to appeal to their employees and future talent. They need to offer a new workplace experience which includes more amenities. Space needs to be dynamic and more representative of the value and ethics of the company. Food and drink offering will be amplified – free coffee is no longer a perk, unless it’s good quality coffee.”

In the office, experts recommend that businesses incorporate employee-centric design into workspaces that supports workers physically and emotionally, and should also offer quality snacks and coffee. An increased demand for amenities is also clear among those working from co-working spaces, with 46 per cent saying they would expect to have a kitchen available, 34 per cent would like premium food and drink and 26 per cent looking for a concierge service. This builds on findings from the 2019 report, which found that 95 per cent of office workers feel the quality of their workspace is important to their mental health.

Jeremy Myerson, Director at WORKTECH Academy, said: “The Nespresso research paints a clear picture of changing expectations in the workforce as a result of the pandemic. People clearly want a more social, amenity-centric office as part of a ‘blended’ workplace strategy in which remote working remains a key component. The future looks set to be about conviviality, care and connectivity at work.”

To access the full Post-Pandemic Workplace report, click here.


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