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Discover the power of Data Driven Decision making

By 09/06/2021No Comments

Utilising data is not new to the FM sector but over the past year it’s an area which has grown in importance. On Thursday 10th June a session chaired by FMJ editor Sara Bean will bring together an expert panel to discuss how effective CAFM and data driven decision making can improve building performance and help generate tangible results for users.

Insight from Service Works’ FM Software Survey show a large portion of FMs are now integrating their CAFM system with at least one other system to improve data accuracy and streamline services. Technology such as BIM platforms, BMS, health & safety, space management or CAD help create a single version of the truth that FMs can easily access and manage effectively.

Some of the key items for discussion will include:

  • How should FMs go about determining which software is important and what is just nice to have?
  • What advice would the panel give on managing data input to ensure it yields useful analytics?
  • How can digital technology be utilised to both monitor the safety of a building (e.g. social distancing) to taking a longer terms approach to helping create a more comfortable workplace?

If you’d like to pose a question they’re will be an opportunity to do so during the session. Details on how to join are outlined below.



10:00, 10:45, 11:30 & 12:15 Elogbooks, Fsi @Yourservice, CADM, Dutchview product demos

14:00 Data Driven Decision Making


  • Sara Bean, Editor, FMJ


  • Edward Payne, Chief Engineer, Kettering General Hospital
  • Hazel Bedson, Strategy Director, Service Works Global
  • Mark Griffiths MSc CIWFM, Founder and Managing Director, WMA Consultancy Services Ltd


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